ayurvedic cooking

private cooking instruction

- Initial consultation about dietary preferences, your constitution, what and how you eat

- Learn to use spices and foods that you're familiar with in a new way to create simple, balanced meals that will leave you feeling satisfied.

- We will make a delicious meal to enjoy together, and


- You will keep a jar of homemade ghee- "liquid gold" and receive a meal planning guide to create simple, delicious, and nutritiously complete meals.

3 hr cooking class and consultation $250

ayurvedic chef services

I have nearly a decade of professional experience as a chef, and have been a full-time Ayurvedic chef since 2012.

I specialize in creating delicious, balanced meals always infused with love.

The underlying intention within each meal is that it is easily assimilated, enjoyed from the palate to the colon, for a complete experience of nourishment for every cell in your body. 

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