ayurvedic oil treatment

Snehan: ayurvedic oil treatment

It is no mistake that the word for “oil” and “love” are the same, sneha, in the Sanskrit language. This treatment is meant to calm vata dosha (the Ayurvedic constitution composed of ethers and air, which governs movement), and redirect the flow of prana (life force energy) through its proper channels.

Before each treatment, I will check-in with you to see how you're feeling, assess your needs and state of balance, and choose an herbal oil specific to you.

Benefits of snehan:

  • calms, relaxes, grounds

  • nourishes the body

  • gives softness and strength to the body

  • decreases the effects of aging, increases longevity

  • improves lustre of skin

  • benefits sleeping patterns

  • stimulates internal organs

  • improves circulation, memory, and vision

  • assists detoxification by removing toxins from the deeper tissues to be expelled by the GI tract


60 mins $80


90 mins $100

120 mins $130

*travel fee outside Kapa'a not included

Abhyanga: ayurvedic oil treatment for postpartum mamas

After giving birth, mothers experience a very delicate period of time which holds the opportunity for them to gently rebuild vitality or suffer from depletion and fatigue.


One of the best ways to rejuvenate the tissues, balance hormones, and nourish the nervous system is daily warm oil massage.

Benefits of Abhyanga:

  • soothes the nervous system

  • balances hormones (increases oxytocin- the love hormone, and reduces cortisol- the stress hormone)

  • supports healthy lactation

  • increases stamina, reduces fatigue

  • tones the muscles

  • smooths and softens skin

  • stimulates internal organs, supports digestion

  • improves circulation, memory, and vision

  • nourishes and lubricates tissues, joints and muscles

  • assists gentle detoxification

  • promotes deep sleep

  • promotes longevity and decreases effects of aging

  • nourishes connection to the Divine and is a great act of self-love


75 min oil treatment with heat therapy 

+ herbal sitzbath preparation (house call) $150

self-massage instruction (add-on) $20

infant massage instruction $95

Abhyanga Packages

- registration and orientation (for 3+ days)


- daily mini-consultation


- 75 min oil treatment with heat therapy

+ herbal sitzbath preparation

- self-massage instruction

- infant massage instruction

1 day $265

3 days $650

5 days $1100

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