ayurvedic oil treatment

snehan: ayurvedic oil treatment

It is no mistake that the word for “oil” and “love” are the same, sneha, in the Sanskrit language. This treatment is meant to calm Vata (the Ayurvedic constitution composed of ethers and air, which governs movement), and redirect the flow of Prana (life force energy) through its proper channels.


Benefits of snehan:

  • calms, relaxes, grounds

  • nourishes the body

  • gives softness and strength to the body

  • decreases the effects of aging, increases longevity

  • improves lustre of skin

  • benefits sleeping patterns

  • stimulates internal organs

  • improves circulation, memory, and vision

  • assists detoxification by removing toxins from the deeper tissues to be expelled by the GI tract


60 mins, $80

90 mins, $100

120 mins, $130

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