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ayurvedic chef services

I have over 15 years of professional experience as a chef, and have been applying Ayurvedic principles, incorporating Ayurvedic herbs and digestive spices to my kitchen creations since 2012. It has been an honor to lovingly prepare meals for newborn mamas, Olympians, celebrities, personal retreats, yoga retreats, yoga trainings, and wonderful families.

I specialize in creating delicious, balanced vegetarian meals always infused with love, and tailored to the preferences of my clients.

The underlying intention within each meal is that it is enjoyed and easily digested, for a complete experience of nourishment for every cell in the body.

See Postpartum Ayurvedic Care for Package Deals for mamas.

private cooking instruction

Preparing food is a beautiful way to express love and gratitude, and cooking with consciousness can powerfully nourish and heal as well.

Though we live in a world of constant change, the foods and seasonings we choose to consume can have a direct balancing effect on our mental and physical states.

Ayurvedic cooking doesn't have to be limited to Indian cooking. Many different cuisines from around the world can be prepared according to Ayurvedic principles that promote health and well-being for ourselves and our loved ones.


How? Divya Alter says it simply, "Because you will be applying the ancient principles of selecting high-quality ingredients and preparing them in ways that are compatible for your type of digestion."

Allow me to guide you: 


-Initial consultation to know your state of health and dietary preferences

- Learn to use spices and foods that you're familiar with in a new way to create simple, balanced meals that will leave you feeling satisfied

- Learn several easy cooking techniques to prepare nourishing food for yourself and others

- We will make a delicious meal together in your kitchen, using organic produce from our incredible farmers here on Kaua'i


- You will receive a meal planning guide and recipes, so you can create simple, delicious, satisfying and nutritiously complete meals using local and seasonal ingredients available to you

- My gift to you: a jar of homemade ghee- "liquid gold."

3 hr all-inclusive cooking class $250

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