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local kauai resources for perinatal mamas

Emotional Health and Wellbeing


Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Support International Helpline (24 hr):

1 (800) 944-4773 (4PPD)

Suicide Prevention Hotline (24 hr):

1 (800) -PPD-MOMS



Sofia Scheurman

Bele Wellness

Doula Services (day time and/or overnights), Student Midwife, Placenta Encapsulation

(808) 215-5088

Carolina Paulon

Doula Services, Student Midwife, Birth Photography

(808) 354-1618




Jasmine Maes, CPM, LM

Nightbloom Birth

Home Birth, Water Birth, VBAC


Meiko Aoki, CPM, LM

Aoki Birthing Care

Home Birth, Natural Childbirth Education, Maya Abdominal CareHerbal MedicinePlacenta Encapsulation

(808) 651-3194


Leah Hatcher, CPM

Home Birth, Childbirth Education

(808) 855–0207


Colleen Bass, CNM, WHNP

Sharon Offley, CNM, WHNP

Hua Moon Women's Health

Prenatal Care, Birthing Classes, Postpartum Support

(808) 631-2682

Lactation Specialists

Breastfeeding Kaua`i

Sammee Albano, RN, IBCLC

(808) 652-1458


Wilcox Hospital

Kandi Bloss, RN, CLC, IBCLC

(808) 245-1441 or call/text (808) 652-8102, ask about Breastfeeding Hui

West Kauaʻi Medical Center

RNs provide breastfeeding support post delivery during hospital stay

(808) 338-9431

Hua Moon Women's Health

Lactation Support/Breastfeeding Classes

(808) 631-2682

Nest for Families

Free virtual visits and texting

Clinical lactation care, breastfeeding + pumping supplies, parent support + more

(808) 212-9324 call

(808) 707-8116 text "enroll me"

La Leche League of Kaua'i

Available via phone for free support and encouragement

(808) 826-6467


Mind/Body/Spirit Health

Craniosacral Therapy

Barbara Inglis

(808) 635-1989


Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Gretchen Imdieke, ND

Naturopathic Family Medicine, Women's Health

(808) 652 6407


Kaua`i Massage Therapy

Lana Olson

Kapa`a and Kilauea offices

(808) 664-6040


Barbara Essman

Prenatal & infant massage

(808) 286-3602

Sofia Scheurman

Bele Wellness

Prenatal discounts, WIC or SNAP qualifiers may get free services

(808) 215-5088

Maya Abdominal Care

Meiko Aoki, CPM, LM

Aoki Birthing Care

(808) 651-3194



Dr. Flora Freeauf, LAc. DACM

Kilauea, office and home visits; cupping, hot stones, baby tui na massage

(808) 631-6889

Pelvic Floor Health


Michelle Pacilio, MPT, WCS

Wahine Wellness & Pelvic Health

(808) 335-5808

Baby and Family Care

Birthing Classes


Hua Moon Women's Health

(808) 631-2682


Wilcox Hospital

Childbirth & Parent Education Class (includes breastfeeding) with Wilcox Staff, via Skype

(808) 245-1441


Meiko Aoki, CPM, LM

Aoki Birthing Care

(808) 651-3194




Dr. Jesse Lam, Dr. Sarah Lam, and

Dr. Chia S. Granda

Kapa’a Pediatrics

(808) 634-8011


Dr. Paul Ross

Kaua’i Medical Clinic, Kapa’a

(808) 245-1500

Wilcox Medical Center, Lihue

(808) 245-1561


Dr. Brigitte Carreau

Wilcox Medical Center, Lihue

(808) 245-1561


Ear, Nose, Throat Specialists


Jay Murray, MD

Otolaryngology Department

Wilcox Medical Center (808) 245-1529

Childcare and Children's Programs

PATCH (People Attentive to Children)

Affordable Childcare

(808) 246 0622


INPEACE (The Institute for Native Pacific Education & Culture Help)

(808) 245 0045


Child Care Connection Hawai'i

Childcare subsidy programs

(808) 245 2193

Assistance During Crisis


Case management and crisis intervention

(808) 245 6362 / 4144

WIN (Women in Need)

Support for women & children with a history of domestic violence, substance abuse, or incarceration

(808) 245 1996

Parental Support

Hazel Jansen Foundation

Babycare essentials, scholarships, collaborations, and trauma-informed resources for new mothers.

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies

Virtual new-parent support group & telehealth lactation services

(808) 737 5805


Family Hui Hawai'i

Peer-led parenting group for family with keiki ages 0-5

(808) 230 7112

Banana Leaves

 Aloha, Welcome to Island Veda 

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