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postpartum care

The first 42 days after giving birth is a beautifully sacred time of huge transition and change for mama (and baby, and family). In Ayurveda, this special time is called Kayakalpa, the Sacred Window.

Birthing a soul into the world opens mama to a profound level of subtlety. She may be very delicate physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically. During this time, her energy is best focused on healing, feeding and bonding with baby, and for this, mama needs to be well rested and well nourished. If she is open to receiving support, this Sacred Window can be a blissful and magnificent time of transformation.

These postpartum packages are designed to nurture mamas with healing food and balancing herbs, nourishing touch, love, gentleness, sweetness, and steady support.

Postpartum Care Packages


- Initial consultation (around 37 weeks) to know your state of health and ensure personalized herbal preparations and meals that provide support and balance.

- Tips on improving rest for mama and baby, info about food qualities that are most supportive after birth from the Ayurvedic perspective, and other tips to help the postpartum time go as smoothly as possible.

- Abhyanga (self oil massage) instructions

- Baby Abyhanga instructions

Each day of support includes:


- Daily check-in, loving emotional support and availability

- Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Herbal Teas, and Date milk/mylk shakes, delicious and prepared with love, to provide warm nourishment and restore mama's digestion. Ingredients are always organic and local as possible.

- 75 min Snehan (Ayurvedic warm oil treatment) + herbal bath

- Bengkung belly wrapping upon request

3 days $950

5 days $1450

10 days $2900

15 days $4200

(includes a snehan for partner or support person)

30 days $7500

(includes a snehan for partner or support person)

Days of care can be scheduled as you wish- many find it most helpful to begin with 3+ days a week, and trickle down to 1 day a week.

Meals including organic/local meat (fish, chicken, turkey) can be added to any package for an additional $30 / day. Meals for partners can also be added.

*if you'd struggle to pay for any of these packages, not to worry! Please contact me, I'll be happy to find a way to make postpartum care more accessible for you. 

Newborn Baby
Baby's Grasp
Mother Breastfeeding Baby
Mother Holding Baby Finger

First Days' Meal Delivery Packages

These packages are great for new mamas to enjoy in the first few days after birth.


The menus are specially designed with warming foods to enhance digestion, galactagogues to support breastfeeding, herbal teas that soothe the nervous system, support hormonal waves, and assist healing, and easily digested ingredients and herbs that support deep nourishment and replenish mama's energy. A bottle of herbal massage oil (for mama and baby) is also included. Sweet touch and nourishing food works wonders!


All ingredients are organic and as local as possible.

Everything is made ready to eat, and delivered to mama's door. No prep or cooking necessary- simply warm it up and enjoy.

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