Postpartum Ayurvedic Packages

postpartum care

The first 40 days after giving birth is a beautifully sacred time of huge transition and change.

To remain stable and secure, remember your connection to grace- the forces of the Universe at play that miraculously make everything work out, always. You need to cultivate trust, connection, grounding, and reassurance that you are being cared for, that all is well.


In addition to your own basic needs being met for your healing and well being, you will have to continually give to provide the basic needs for your little one as well.


All the giving required of you will mean that your cup must stay not only full, but overflowing, in order to adequately provide.


The need for help with everyday things so that you may rest, and constant nurturing of your own body, mind, and spirit, will allow you to adequately nurture your little one without feeling depleted.

These postpartum packages are designed to nurture mamas with ancient ayurvedic practices, healing food and herbs, healing touch, love, gentleness, sweetness, and steady support. Whatever mama can receive, she is able to give wholeheartedly.

- Initial consultation while pregnant 

- Custom pranayama (breath work) practice

- Abhyanga instructions for oiling your body and your baby

- Postpartum cooking guide and recipe book

- Custom herbal tea blend

- Herbal lactation support tea blend

- Sitz Bath herbal blend

- Dinacharya (regular schedule) support

- Emotional support and availability

- Gift basket that includes: postpartum belly wrap, ojas (vitality) building snacks, homemade ghee


Option 1:  3 days/week

- Lunch and dinner meal delivery

- At-home 60 min snehan followed by prepared Sitz bath

3 weeks $1697 

6 weeks $3297


Option 2:  5 days/week

- Lunch and dinner meal delivery

- At-home 60 min snehan followed by prepared Sitz bath

3 weeks $2697 

6 weeks $5297

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