Kelsey Lea

Welcome! I'm Kelsey, the founder of Island Veda. Thank you for being here.


The services I provide are designed to meet women wherever they are in life, and remind them of their Divinity and innate wisdom. They are informed by the wisdom of Ayurveda, a holistic system of healing based on balancing the elements of nature that are all around and also within each of us.


I specialize in offering nourishment on all levels, loving care, and strong, steady support for women during their Postpartum Windows. This allows mamas to deeply rest, recover from birth, process emotions, and simply be present for the heart-expansive joys of bonding with baby.


Ayurveda recognizes this postnatal time as a Sacred Window, a precious time which holds the opportunity for huge transformation. Given plenty of rest, and restorative nourishment, mamas can come out of the Sacred Window with more radiance, clarity and empowerment than ever before.

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