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Yoga and Meditation

intro to ayurveda and yoga
for self healing

You will be guided from whatever starting point you're at, to a life with more freedom and balance using the practices of Ayurveda and principles of yoga. Learn to be your own self-healer.

- Initial Ayurvedic Consultation to know your unique constitution and state of health

- Personalized yoga asana (physical postures) practice and pranayama (breath work) sequence that you will be able to do on your own and incorporate into your daily routine

- One-on-one 3 hr cooking class in your home, applying Ayurvedic cooking principles to the foods you love and enjoy, bringing greater balance and harmony to you and your loves

- Ayurvedic cooking guide with recipes and cooking techniques for balancing your unique constitution

- A jar of lovingly prepared homemade ghee

- 60 min Snehan (Ayurvedic Oil Treatment), or Marma Bodywork Session in the comfort of your home

- Abhyanga (self-oiling) instruction and a custom herbal oil for you to continue abhyanga


Mother Doing Yoga with Baby
Herbal Oils
Beauty Care
Banana Leaves

 Aloha, Welcome to Island Veda 

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